Dr. Khuong LE NGUYEN

Department of Structure and Construction Materials

Personal webpage:

Phone number: +84967867899

Email khuongln@utt.edu.vn

Research interests

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Security and Protective Engineering
  • Sustainable Materials, Buildings, and Infrastructure
  • Automation in construction, BIM, Intelligent transportation system, IoT


Dr. Khuong LE NGUYEN is the Director of the Department of Structure and Construction Materials at the University of Transport Technology of Vietnam. He graduated civil engineering at the Ecole Des Ponts ParisTech – France in 2010 and received a doctoral degree for his work on the dynamic analysis of damaged structures at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon – France in 2015. Dr. LE NGUYEN has made a contribution to research in vulnerability modeling of critical infrastructure with more than 20 publications. He has participated in over 5 international projects to provide security assessment, risk modeling, and protection solutions. These projects include design and strengthening of high-rise structures, government buildings, nuclear power plant and critical industrial facilities in France. Since 2016, Dr. LE NGUYEN has proposed an overheight vehicle detection and warning System – Applied to waterway traffic and his teammate has received several medals for their research.

Research expertise:

  • Finite element formulations for the dynamic analysis of damaged structures, multifiber beam element, multi-layer shell element

  • Sustainable materials for construction: Textile Reinforced Concrete; FRP reinforcement: Efficiency mechanics of composite TRC in the strengthening and repair of the RC structural members: beams; slabs; shear walls

  • Computing skills: Code Cast3M; Abaqus; Ansys; Code-Aster; Matlab; C#; Python; VBA; Robot Structural; Revit

Research contracts

  • International benchmark SMART 2013 organized by the French Sustainable Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and Electricité De France (EDF) within the framework of a wide research program entitled “Seismic design and best estimate Methods Assessment for Reinforced concrete buildings subjected to Torsion and nonlinear effects” (SMART) (2014-2016)

  • International benchmark CASH on the beyond design seismic Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls organized under an initiative of the OECD-NEA. The main objective of CASH is to evaluate the reliability of predictive analysis tools and methods, as well as engineering practice, know how to assess the seismic capacity of reinforced concrete shear walls to withstand strong earthquakes considered for beyond design situation. (2015-2017)

  • International cooperation between ENISE, France and University of Transport Technology (UTT), Vietnam (2017-2021). Research project: “Numerical and experimental study on the use of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) for the strengthening of the existing structure”

  • National Nafosted project: “Application of TRC composite for repair/strengthening of structures” (2018-2020)

  • Ministry of Transport of Vietnam’s research project: “Mechanical properties of materials for analyzing and assessing the bearing capacity of old concrete and reinforced concrete bridge structures considering the errors depending on the number of samples” (2019-2020)

Awards and Honors

  • Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister of Vietnam (2018)

  • Vietnam Golden Book honor scientific-technological innovations (2018)

  • WIPO Prize awarded by the World Intellectual Property Association (2018)

  • Certificate of Merit by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology (2017)

  • Overheight Vehicle Detection and Warning Systems – Applied to waterway traffic: the first prize of Technical Creation Contest of Vinh Phuc Province 2017; the first prize of  the 14th National Technical Creation Contest 2017

  • Gold medal for team prize in the 30th National Mechanics Olympic Contest 2018. Guidance for student team “Computing Applications in Mechanics (Structural Analysis)” 


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  2. An experimental study for in-plane cyclic behavior of clay masonry walls reinforced by TRC composites, 2018, 7th International Conference on Protection of Structures Against Hazards

  3. Experimental study using TRC reinforced concrete reinforcement for RC slab, 2018, The 14th National Mechanics Conference

  4. TRC and Hybrid Solutions for Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Beams, 2018, Journal of Construction Science and Technology Vietnam

  5. Overheight Vehicle Detection and Warning Systems – Applied to waterway traffic, 2018, Vietnam Golden Book 2018

  6. Experimental investigations of reinforced concrete beams repaired/reinforced by TRC composites, 2017, Journal of Composite Structures

  7. Pushover experiment and numerical analyses on CFRP-retrofit concrete shear walls with different aspect ratios, 2014, Composite Structures

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  13. Simulating asymmetric reinforced concrete structures subjected to torsion under earthquake loading, 2016, Cầu Đường Journal

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  15. Overheight Vehicle Detection and Warning Systems – Applied to waterway traffic, 2016, Special edition of the National Traffic Safety Conference 2016

  16. Comparison of concrete behavior models for test simulation SMART 2013, 2015, The Ninth National AFPS Conference 2015, France

  17. Contribution à la compréhension du comportement des structures renforcées par FRP sous séismes, 2015, These.fr, France

  18. Two local concrete models for simulating asymmetric RC structures under earthquake loadings, 2014, WORKSHOP SMART2013, Paris (France)

  19. Local and Non Local approaches for simulating CFRP-reinforced concrete shear walls under monotonic loads, 2013, COMPDYN 2013, Kos Island, Greece.

  20. Essais expérimentaux et analyse par éléments finis des murs de contreventement en béton armé non renforcés et renforcés par TFC, 2013, Construction and Sustainable Development, CIGOS 2013, France

  21. Analyse spectrale de la tour Cattenom dans le cas de sollicitation sismique, 2013, Projet de recherche INSA-Lyon, EDF

International benchmark SMART 2013

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Overheight Vehicle Detection and Warning Systems – Applied to waterway traffic